Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Shouldn’t You Be Holding the Bouquet?

You are both having so much fun planning your wedding but have you thought about your actual wedding day and all the logistics of it? Have you thought about whether or not you will want to be the wedding planner on your special day?  Or, will you want to be focused on each other, your love, wedding guests and your vows?

Let us help make sure your day is perfect so you can hold the bouquet and not the clipboard.  A Day-Of Coordinator is the most important Wedding Professional a couple can have by their side leading up to and on their wedding day.

Many brides and grooms do have fun planning their wedding but as they get closer to their wedding day, they realize they are less interested in being the wedding planner and more interested in being in the moments and getting married.  This is where we come in.  Our Day-of Wedding Coordinators will happily take it all off the couple’s hands and manage the many details with care so the couple can focus on each other and enjoying their wedding day.