Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Where’s the Wedding Cake? Will the Baker SHOW UP?!

Have you heard the one where the Baker didn’t show up with the Wedding Cake at 2pm, didn’t answer his phone all day and then showed up after the wedding was over at 10pm and we were shutting the lights and closing the building?

Yes!  Unfortunately, these things can happen.  In fact, I was part of two weddings in 2017 where the Baker didn’t show up.  The first I was the Day-Of Coordinator and it was my responsibility to Fix It; the second, I was the Maitre’ d and shared my experience with the Planner so she could fix it.

Here is my story:

The cake was supposed to arrive at 2pm.   The Ceremony started at 3pm.   By the time we declared we had an issue that we had to fix, the Ceremony was starting.  My Bride didn’t know a thing was happening and was smiling and holding onto her dad’s arm as she was walking down the aisle.  If she was the planner, she would have been hugging her daddy and crying on his shoulder.

After a ShopRite run and buying every single cake, pie and dessert we could get our hands on, the servers began to set up the makeshift Dessert Station and I began to construct a wedding cake.

We had to finally tell the Bride and Groom, but not until we had a solution to show them.  Were they disappointed? Yes.  But did it ruin their day?  Not at all.  Why?  Because I had a solution for them.  Because they had people that were watching out for them and protecting them from any stress that might creep into their wedding day.

Now, imagine if that Bride didn’t have me and was acting as the Wedding Planner and the Bride?  How would she been able to handle this situation?  She would have done it, but it would have impacted her day in a negative way and there would probably have been lots of tears.

Troubleshooting and fixing problems seamlessly and smoothly is one of my strong suits.  I am great under pressure and in moments where time is critical.  I have always felt that a key to being a great Event Producer, Planner or Day-Of Coordinator is making sure nothing but happiness reaches the Guests of Honor.

Let me bring you happiness and save you from stress!  Call to set up an appointment to talk about your special day and how I can bring it to life!