– Additional Coordinator:  $300.00

– Extra Hours for Coordinator:  $100.00 per hour

– Additional Services:  $75.00 each*
Examples but not limited to: Wedding Invitation Assembly, Wedding Favor Assembly, Guest Bags Assembly, Thank you Card Assembly and Send, Dress Fitting Attendance, Gift Transport and Delivery, Return Tuxedos and other Rental Items

– Bachelor and Bacherlorette Parties  $250.00*
Let us help coordinate everyone’s schedule’s, make the reservations, line up the transportation, keep track of the rsvps and take care of all the planning and logisitics, leaving everyone else to have fun!  We can also accommodate special requests and destination parties.  There may be additional costs.  

– Week of Wedding Events**
Spa Day, Golf, Outlet Shopping, BBQ, Morning After Champagne Brunch, Ski Getaways, Snowmobile Adventures, just a few examples of what we can do!

*The Prices may vary depending on total services selected. The base prices are listed on this page.
** There may be additional charges and mileage reimbursement required depending on the service chosen.